The TRTF Tutor Program will help Texas public-school students and their parents by implementing the best online tutoring program in the country! Having great teachers changes a student’s life. The very best teachers are those in our public-school classrooms as well as those who served in our schools throughout their career. Retired educators are a generational gift! Students will receive not only excellent educational support but will engage on a multi-generational level that improves interpersonal skills.

Texas retired teachers will have the ability to offer their services as tutors to students across the state using the Knack online platform. Because of their professional background as educators, retired teachers already possess the knowledge and skills needed to help students better grasp their materials and have the necessary background checks and licensures required by the State.

Scheduling Your First TRTF Tutoring Session Preparing For Your First TRTF Tutoring Session

TRTF knows many Texas students and their classmates are living through an unprecedented time. Many are new to distance learning or may need additional assistance from a knowledgeable and professional tutor to ensure they reach their educational goals. Our retired Texas teachers are here to help!

The TRTF Tutor Program provides excellent instruction and encouragement from certified Texas educators who spent their entire careers teaching students in Texas schools. TRTF’s goal is to have the largest community of retired teacher tutors in Texas, ready and available to help you whenever you need it.

How It Works

Our online tutoring program connects TRS retirees who want to offer tutoring services with Texas public schools, teachers, parents and students seeking educational support.

  • Our online tutoring program connects TRS retirees who want to offer tutoring services with Texas parents and students seeking educational support.
  • TRTF’s program provides an online virtual classroom connecting retired educator tutors and students in a safe, advanced online learning environment.
  • TRTF has partnered with Knack, a national online tutoring service company, to provide online classroom software and utilization tools, so our tutors and students can engage in a tested and proven interactive setting.
  • Parents and students may sign up with to begin searching for TRTF tutor who specializes in the subject area for which the student needs help.
  • The Knack website will serve as the portal for scheduling all tutoring sessions; parents/students will be notified via text when a tutor becomes available for their requested session.

The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) is a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization with a heart for helping our public-school employee retirees, as well as those still serving in our Texas schools. We work to help educators of the past, present, and future through programs that provide emergency assistance to retired teachers, grants to classroom teachers, and scholarships to new educators.