TRTF’s mission is to provide free or reduced cost online tutoring services to the 5.9 million students attending Texas public schools though our newest nonprofit endeavor, the TRTF Tutor Program, powered by Knack.

TRTF has an ambitious goal of donating 250,000 tutoring hours to Texas school districts and students in our first year of operation, funded by donor dollars and corporate sponsorships.

We will accomplish this goal by empowering retired public-school teachers who want to give back to their communities, schools, and Texas children. We believe that no other group can better support our schools than the retirees who have been in the trenches and understand the challenges our teachers and administrators face daily. We understand and respect that our schools deserve dependable help!

Public schools can partner with TRTF and receive free or reduced-cost tutoring hours for students that are tailored to Texas courses and content and provided by experienced teachers trained in state curriculum and accountability systems. The program can be a great supplement to teachers on specific campuses or customized to fit district needs per partnership agreements. For more information on partnering with TRTF, .

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How Can We Work With Your ISD?

  • TRTF wants to work with you to fulfill your ISD’s or school’s online learning needs through our TRTF Tutor Program.
  • We offer this along with our assurance that TRTF has no hidden agenda. We are Texas public school supporters whose sole expectation is to provide the best tutoring program in Texas!
  • If your school has an open RFP for online tutoring assistance, we would love to speak with you and tailor a solution specific to your objectives.
  • If your school needs tutoring assistance, we are happy to work with you as we receive donations for tutoring hours and make them available to our school children and educators.
  • We encourage our school leaders to share this information with school foundations, local foundation partners, and other groups or individuals who may want to partner financially with TRTF to increase our program’s outreach.

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How It Works

Our online tutoring program connects TRS retirees who want to offer tutoring services with Texas public schools, teachers, parents and students seeking educational support.

  • TRTF’s program provides an online virtual classroom connecting retired educator tutors and students in a safe, advanced online learning environment.
  • TRTF has partnered with Knack, a national online tutoring service company, to provide online classroom software and utilization tools so our tutors and students can engage in a tested and proven interactive setting.
  • Knack provides the platform, vetting services for tutors, and 1099 IRS forms for tutors. Tutors will be independent contractors.
  • TRTF will focus on creating service partnerships with ISD’s across the state connecting TRTF tutors to district students by agreement.
  • TRTF will recruit retiree tutors and solicit sponsor donations to support the program and build a bank of tutor hours to support our ISD partners.

The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) is a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization with a heart for helping our public-school employee retirees, as well as those still serving in our Texas schools. We work to help educators of the past, present, and future through programs that provide emergency assistance to retired teachers, grants to classroom teachers, and scholarships to new educators.