The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) is a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. We have a heart for helping our public-school retirees, as well as those still serving in our Texas schools. Now, we intend to expand our support to schools, communities, and students.

TRTF is excited to announce our Online Tutoring Services that will match retired Texas public-school teachers, with students, families, and districts that need tutoring services and support. This provides our members with an avenue to give back to their communities, while also providing the critical help that many of our pupils and practicing educators need to navigate the challenges of virtual learning.


Texas retired teachers may offer their services as tutors to students across the state using the Knack online platform. Because of their professional background as educators, retired teachers already possess the knowledge and skills needed to help students better grasp their materials.

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Parents and Students

Parents of students needing help with schoolwork can connect with a retired professional teacher with years of classroom experience. Working in a virtual environment powered by Knack, students can get one-on-one assistance with their courses.

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When you donate to TRTF’s tutoring program, you are providing long-term benefits to children and their parents, current teachers, and retirees at the same time. To achieve this dream and goal, we must raise $10,000,000. Your support in any amount is appreciated.

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School Districts

TRTF partners with Districts across Texas to offer tutoring services that can enhance student outcomes and deliver help where it’s needed most – directly to the student. Public schools can partner with TRTF and receive free or reduced-cost tutoring hours for students.

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